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60 Pairs Soft Foam Ear Plugs with Eye Mask & Travel Case Noise Cancelling Sponge Earplugs Reusable Earbuds for Sleeping Snoring Travel Motorcycle Shooting Mowing Musicians Mint Green - B09M87GDZH

  • 【Ultra Soft & Fit Everyone】Sleeping earplugs are made of super soft PU foam material, which can restore their natural shape within 45 seconds, Slow rebound time. Self-adjusting foam expands to fit any ear canal, better for you to set the earplugs, gently fill the ear canal. Ultra-soft and low-pressure, skin-friendly foam offers comfortable long-term wear, cause no pain to the ear canal. Ensuring you sleep comfortably every day

  • 【Hearing Proctor & Noise Blocker】 With a high noise reduction SNR of 34dB, foam ear plugs made from environmental and non-toxic PU material can effectively protect hearing in loud events or set up quiet environment for sleep.sleeping ear plugs offering excellent noise reduction.( Not Completely Sound Insulation.)

  • 【Portable】 come with a free aluminum storage case, It’s easy to block unwanted sounds on the go. Sleeping, traveling, studying, its super light. It can be attached to your key ring. You can use the earplugs anytime & anywhere.

  • 【Adjustable 3D Eye Mask】Whether you want a deep sleep at home, a quick nap at the office, a uninterrupted sleep on the plane, or focus on yoga/meditation, the provided sleeping mask can effectively block the light to make the day as dark as night and help you sleep soundly.

  • 【60 Pairs for Your Needs】 In order to satisfy long-term use or share with family & friends, we provide 60 pairs of value packs, which can be reused if kept clean and undamaged. Harmless light materials. Suitable for sleeping, studying, shooting, traveling, children's noise, dog barking, woodworking, mowing, drilling, etc.

  • Ultra soft foam earplugs reduce noise for both hearing protection and silence you need.

    60 pairs of earplugs offer long lasting protection and reusability

    Soft & Slow rebound,
    Softness directly affects the comfort of wearing foam ear plugs,the longer the rebound time, the better the quality.

    Easy to Carry
    Light to carry & easy to use on the go. The convenient travel case offers easy transport without losing it.

    Super Value Sleep Kit
    1* 60 Pair Ear plugs and 1*3D Blindfolds. Shading and soundproofing, giving you a good sleep every day

    1 x 60 Pair Earplugs (Mint Green)
    1x Small Travel case
    1 x 3D Blindfold (Adjustable)