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CALIBAG Suitcase L Size Kids Pink - B07L8JG363

  • CALIBAG is a French brand of original and creative rigid suitcases.

  • Only one credo, be original and unique with your suitcase 100% polycarbonate CALIBAG.

  • You will easily recognize your suitcase at the airport because it is unique like you!

  • Rigid suitcase 100% polycarbonate large size. pink case color with Kids sticker. 4 x 360 °multi-directional wheels. TSA security padlock. Soft silicone comfort grips. Adjustable trolley. Each suitcase is prepared and assembled in France. The inside of the suitcase is compartmentalized. The right side of the suitcase is equipped with a holding system by adjustable rigid strap, stronger and more durable than elastic. The left part is completely closed thanks to a flap lining equipped with a net. The first picture of the suitcase shows the front and back of the suitcase. The second presents the interior.