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Ear Plugs for Sleeping 4 Pairs Soft Silicone Earplugs Noise Cancelling Comfortable Reusable for Snoring and Airplanes with Travel - B08GM22CJ1

  • PREMIUM HEARING & EAR PROTECTION: The NRR 32 (Noise Reduction Rating) is one of the highest available on ! Avoid harming your ears and hearing in water or loud environments with these earplugs.

  • BPA FREE & HYPOALLERGENIC: With your safety in mind, these travel ear plugs are BPA free and hypoallergenic, wear them without skin irritation or discomfort. They are waterproof and can be washed and reused.

  • COMFORTABLE SILICONE MATERIAL: Made with soft silicone and designed with a super comfortable shape that adjusts to your ear, these reusable ear plugs are comfortable even when worn for an extended time.

  • PERFECTLY FIT in the ears due to the perfect shape. It's flexibility allow to deeply penetrate into the ear canal making the world around really quiet

  • FOR ALL TYPES OF NOISE: Perfect for reducing, muffling and blocking sound at concerts, loud pubs & restaurants and construction sites. Protects ears during swimming and watersports, airplane flying and more!

  • Description:

    You can't always enjoy a quite time alone quitely? Will you be crazy about the noise in the dark night?Oh,I think you need our earplugs.


    1. Comfortable, soft and flexible.
    2. Colorful, mushroom head design.
    3. Easy to carry, not easy to lose.
    4. Improves sleep, concentrates, and protects hearing.


    1. Wash your hands and pinch the earplugs with the fingers of one hand.
    2. Hold the other hand over the ear and pull the ear outward to open the ear canal.
    3. Insert the earplug into the ear canal, slowly, gently and rotate into the ear, Keep 3/4 out to remove the earplugs.


    1. Noise reduction earphones can only reduce noise decibels, can not isolate noise.
    2. Remember to put the ear up and out before putting it into your ear, and put it in the right position to get the effect.
    3. When inserting or removing, it should be gently, slowly, rotated, inserted and removed, and should not be jerked.
    4. Beware of children swallowed, children should be guided by adults.