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KR Multicase for N-Gauge: Holds up to 42 locos coaches or 100+ wagonsupright - B009VD0M9G

  • KR Multicase Standard card Case with N-Gauge 7 row trays (holds up to 42 locos/coaches or 100+ wagons) (upright) (contains: 3x RWN7T)

  • The KR card cases are made from solid KLC heavy duty dense card, the same as is used for commercial archiving of documents. It is not made from cheaper and inferior corrugated card as this just is not up to the job.

  • This choice of material ensures it is very durable and incredibly protective of your miniatures. The wrap around lid provides all round protection, and the injection moulded plastic handle forms the snaplock for the KR Multicase to provide a securely closed case the instant it is closed. This ensures the contents are safe from spilling out and can be transported with ease. The card case external size for this Standard size case is 400 x 270 x 120mm.

  • The KR Tray Set in this case contains N-Gauge 7 row trays (holds up to 42 locos/coaches or 100+ wagons) (upright) (contains: 3x RWN7T)

  • KR trays and bases are glued together with adhesive specifically formulated to ensure durability. KR Trays are manufactured from soft high tensile foam which ensures maximum protection for your miniatures. The KR pick&pluck trays have edges plus internal walls glued, unlike the grid pattern pick&pluck which does not. This provides additional stability for the trays and enable you to carry many more figures and vehicles than conventional pick&pluck.