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NapUp Fly: Your Personal in-Flight Comfort Zone Travel Pillow 22 cm Grey - B01HBGOJ8O

  • NapUp Fly easily attaches to any headrest and gently holds your head upright, providing a new, enhanced sleep experience

  • NapUp FLY is a unique, ergonomic and supportive in-flight personal sleep system for people who love traveling but hate the discomfort that comes along with it

  • Easy to Carry – each NapUp Fly comes with a quality carrying case that is specially designed to make NapUp Fly your ultimate travelling companion

  • Simple Set Up – simply attach NapUp Fly to your seat using the adjustable straps to create a perfect fit for your head and seat

  • Time to Relax – enter your own personal comfort zone for a peaceful on board nap without any neck jolting head bobbing

  • One of the most common characteristics of travellers falling asleep during flights is that the head is bent to the left or the right in an extreme, unnatural position. This causes spinal discomfort, cramps, neck pain, headaches and other painful symptoms. Even worse, in many instances the head is bent forward which is a posture that can lead to medical difficulties and complications. NapUp Fly enables passengers on board to sleep stably and comfortably and help maintain symmetric posture, thus avoiding the unhealthy bent head sleeping position mentioned above.

    Bobbing Heads might be funny to see, but in reality it causes stiffness and discomfort. NapUp FLY ends this ordeal, once and for all. If you're still here, you must have already tried the common products on the market and realized that you owe it to yourself to find a better solution.

    NapUp FLY attaches to ANY headrest and gently holds your head upright. With its non-restrictive, unique forehead strap design, NapUp FLY cradles your head, whether you are actually sleeping or just relaxing.

    Upgrade to NapUp Fly Plus and you can connect to your personal media device or inflight entertainment system using the integrated headphones. Whether you like to watch movies or listen to your favourite music, NapUp Fly+ will make your journey much more pleasant and give you maximum comfort.

    About Napup: 4 years ago, we started a company dedicated to solving the bobbing head syndrome for kids sleeping on-the-go. Since then more than 100K kids in 35 countries are sleeping comfortably and securely in the car using NapUp. Soon after we launched we received some feedback from parents, who wanted to use Napup for themselves on flights, and so we got to work. 18 months and about 8 prototypes later, we perfected NapUp FLY.