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Neck Pain Relief Firm Travel Pillow Car Neck Rest Back Supports With Adjustable Elastic Strap Office Chair Recliner Head Pillow Airplane Cervical Cushion Pad Beige - B0733B8MC4

  • This Curved Shaped neck supports work well in relaxing neck muscle and alleviating neck pain in driving or sitting.

  • Conforms to natural spine curve design, restores neck's natural curve.

  • Proteact cervical and head from neck straines or hurts if suffer any accident,or a sudden emergency brake.

  • Inserted Bamboo Charcoal Bag, Improve blood circulation,also keep the air fresh,eliminating odors.

  • Adjustable elastic strap gear the car neck rest supports to different size car seat,airplane seat or office chair.

  • The neck back pain relief pillow is typically designed to support the head and neck in driving or sitting. For office workers or those who are on frequent business flight travel, our cervical car neck pillow will do well in relaxing and protecting your neck's health. Surely, road trip lovers will never miss it, you can image how much benefits this neck cushion supports will bring to you.

  • Neck Support Size:10.3"× 6.3"×3.5"/26cm×16cm×9cm. Pillow cover material:Crystal cashmere Inside material:Polypropylene Cotton

  • It is a curve pillow,not too bulky or soft,the middle part is lower than both side parts, Neck is just located in the middle area, the higher sides will provide extra support to cervical muscles. The user can get superb comfort when recline on it

  • Removable pillow case.our pillow have seperated pillow interior with extra pillow cover,then you can open and wash it.

  • Light and compact design, it can be carried easily when you go for a business fight trip or drive for a road trip

  • With the adjustable elastic strap,it can be used in different size office chairs, air plane seat or different car seat.

  • Cervical Protect Tips:
  • The most efficient way to protect our neck is to avoid sitting all the day.

  • We should have a regular break time after working or driving long, and do some gentle cervical exercise.

  • A good neck rest pillow is essential. It can align your neck and develop a healthy sitting posture.
    In cold weather, keep it warm.
    Flying kites, playing tennis, playing badminton all these sports can prevent of cervical spondylosis.
    Notice: It come with 1 piece in one package