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Safy Silicone Earplugs for Deep Sleeping – Reusable Silicone Ear Plugs for Sound Blocking – Cancels up to 27 dB of Noise – Pack of 4 Pairs – Carry Pouch – Superior to Wax Foam or Disposable Plugs - B08YX61NQY

  • SLEEP UNINTERRUPTED – A good night’s rest is very important for well-balanced mental and physical health. A good night's slumber will also ensure better productivity at work while benefitting the immune system. Block all unwelcome noise up to 27 dB and greatly improve your sleep quality with Safy Silicone Ear Plugs with Case – BEST silicone earplugs for sleep!

  • CUSTOM FEEL ULTRA SOFT FIT – Unlike porous foam earplugs for sleep that are difficult to shape, our Silicone Ear Plugs In Case can be easily molded for a superior fit! Lightweight and soft in design, these silicone earplugs for sleep (noise-canceling) are incredibly comfortable even after prolonged use and extremely gentle on your ears – AMAZING earplugs for sleep!

  • REUSABLE EARPLUGS – Made from 100% high-grade silicone, these hypoallergenic silicone earplugs or silicone earplugs for swimming can be easily washed under warm soapy water and are incredibly gentle on your skin! With a long lifespan of 60 days, our earplugs (sound blocking for sleeping) are great eco-friendly alternatives to generic wax earplugs.

  • GREAT VALUE – Available as a pack of 4 with a handy carry pouch, these travel-friendly and CE EN352 silicone earplugs (moldable) are great to use while you are swimming, camping, studying, or in the airplane, and more. The nifty silicone earplug case allows for hygienic storage of our silicone earplugs (large) - MUST HAVE silicone earplugs (sleep)!

  • PROMISE OF QUALITY – These earplugs (silicone) are made under strict compliance with stringent manufacturing and quality standards to ensure that you always receive the best! We also provide a 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on our earplugs (silicone for sleeping). These earplugs (silicone/blue) also make a very thoughtful gift.

  • Does your partner’s snoring disrupt your sleep and make you despise him/her? Are zooming cars the reason for your dark circles? Your bedtime troubles now have a solution! Presenting, Safy Ear Plugs (Silicone) for Sleeping! Designed to snugly fit inside your ear canal to block up to 27 dB of sound, these silicone plugs are great alternatives to disposable foam earplugs and wax earplugs for sleep.


    -Silicone that is used in the manufacturing process is non-toxic, ear plugs are hypoallergenic and they do not contain any harmful chemicals that may cause irritation to your inner ear. Storage case that comes with every unit is BPA free.
    -Unlike other earplugs that tend to slip back out of the ear canal rather easily, our silicone noise-canceling earplugs are designed to remain securely in place!
    -Available as a set of 4 pairs, these earplugs (silicone and reusable) are a great value-added purchase.
    -These soft silicone plugs come in a circular shape that can be molded to fit any ear canal and create a good noise-blocking barrier.
    -Moldable and flexible by nature, these silicone earplugs for sleep (noise canceling) are very ergonomic and exceptionally comfortable.
    -These reusable silicone earplugs come with a carry case that makes them ideal for use while traveling and on the go!
    -Ideal for people with small ear canals as well as large ones.
    -Can be easily washed in some soapy warm water!
    -These CE EN352 certified earplugs are hypoallergenic, gentle on all skin types, and completely safe to use.


    All our products are made under stringent compliance with strict manufacturing and quality standards.

    If you are a light sleeper, live in the noisy area or just want to protect your ears against loud sounds, pair of our silicone noise cancelling ear plugs will surely make a difference!