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Silicone Putty Moulded Ear Plugs by Sleepytime,Blue Soft Sticky Plugs Which Mould Into Your Ear for Effective Noise Reduction in Plastic Case 12 Blue - B01HTQM9AQ

  • SILENCE IS GOLDEN,SILENCE IS BLISSFUL,To get a good night or days sleep we need Peace and quiet so these sleepytime silicone ear plugs are perfectly designed to block out 22 DECIBELS,so they block out all noise except for high pitch noises like alarm clocks and fire alarms if your a light sleeper or you are sleeping in noise like snoring or traffic but you still want to wake up to sound of alarms etc these a perfect

  • VERY COMFORTABLE AND QUIET SLEEP AS THE TEXTURE OF THEM IS OF SOT PLASTICINE! As they are made of 100% soft silicone that easily molds to the shape of your ear in a very comfortable way,much more comfortable than foam ear plugs and more effective

  • With A Noise Reduction Rating of 22 Decibels these Ear Plugs Perform Much Better Than Others On The Market

  • SO EASY TO MOLD TO ANY EAR SHAPE!, no matter how big or small your ears are these will fit they are very large these are made in 17mm diameter by 10mm height but can be broken into smaller pieces for smaller ears ,AVAILABLE IN PACKS OF 6 OR 12 AND IN BLUE,PINK AND ORANGE

  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! if you're not completely happy with your purchase just let us know and we'll give you a 100% refund,To purchase click add to basket on the top right of the page

  • FOR A PERFECT SLEEP YOU NEED QUIET,even deep sleeper's sleep is disrupted by noise,this is why you need a good quality ear plug one that has a high decibel rating high enough to cut out snoring,trafic or noisy neighbours but not so high you dont wake up to alarms,thats why our sleepytime silicone ear plugs have such a high decibel rating,YOU ALSO NEED TO BE COMFORTABLE FOR A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP thats why they are made from 100% soft silicone which is very soft like plasticine and easily molded to any ear you can break them into smaller pieces for smaller ears,Thay are REUSABLE upto three times per ear plug,They come in packs of 6 or 12 and in blue,pink or orange and also come in a transparent case which comes in handy after you've used the ear plugs,To Get a Good Nights Sleep it's recommended you wear ear plugs and an eye mask. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Mold into a turpedo shape (like in the images) insert into your ear ( if you feel they are too big you can break some off,if theres too much ear plug on the outside of your ear they may fall out as you sleep) hold into your ear for a 5-10 seconds and thats it,have a peaceful quiet sleep and put them back in the box after use for next time