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Drybag Waterproof Dry Bag Set Outdoor Kayaking Drifting Diving Beach Lightweight Rubber Storage Bag Camouflage 3PCS - B09V7MP8XM

  • Easy to use: The outdoor drifting waterproof storage bag is easy to use and closes the buckle. Can be rolled up or folded to save space when not in use

  • Waterproof: well-sewn waterproof seams, sealing tape, and waterproof lining

  • Durability: tear-proof high-quality polyester fabric, silicon-coated fabric, waterproof and tear-resistant, resistance> 3000mm, with a sealed roll-up to keep things dry.

  • Optional: three packs of different sizes of dry bags, including 3L, 5L, 8L bags

  • Big purpose: ultra-light, suitable for kayaking, fishing, hiking, traveling and other outdoor activities

  • Description:
    Outdoor rafting waterproof storage bag is waterproof, well stitched seams, sealing tape, waterproof lining, keep valuables dry, lightweight and foldable, suitable for outdoor activities, such as: kayaking, fishing, backpacking, traveling, large capacity, can Hold more items, gadgets, digital products, etc.

    Material:Silicon coated fabric
    Size:3L Size: 22.5*29cm/8.5"*11.4"
    5L Size:25*37cm/9.8"*14.5"
    8L Size:30*38.5cm/11.8"*15.15"
    After the surface of the fabric is treated with silicone oil, the water-repellent durability is more than 3 times higher than the traditional water-repellent treatment method

    ?: Put items into the bag, grab the black strap on of the bag, and align the ends of the strap.
    ?: Roll down 3 to 5 times along the of the bag until you feel the air left in the bag is proper.
    ?: Connect the anti-mistouch buckle to complete the seal.
    3 * Waterproof Dry Bag (3L & 5L &8L)