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Quies Earplugs Natural Wax 8 Pairs 27 dB Noise Reduction Barrier Against Noise Pack Of 1 by Quies - B01CZ5EF8A

  • SNR 27 dB

  • Wax earplugs The original Quies earplugs Trying to sleep, concentrate, or just simply rest in a noisy environment can be extremely difficult-and frustrating. Quies have been helping people block out irritating noise since 1918. Our natural wax earplugs boast a noise reduction rating of 27 dB, making them highly effective at protecting your ears and preventing hearing loss. Don’t let deafening sounds and loud conversations put your peace of mind-and your hearing-at risk! Because they are made from natural wax, Quies wax earplugs warm to your body’s temperature and adapt to the unique shape of your ear canal. In fact, they are so comfortable that you may even forget you are wearing them! Quies wax earplugs are hypoallergenic and perfect for prolonged wear.