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Super Soft Foam Ear Plugs 60 Pairs Reusable Foam Earplugs for Sleeping 38dB MAX Noise Blocking Soft & Comfortable Hearing Protection for Snoring Studying Travel Loud Noise etc Mint Green - B09P1464CN

  • ✔️[Noise cancelled] : Foam earplugs carry 38dB SNR, competent to block out loud noises for hearing protection, shut out distractions when sleeping and aid concentration when studying. Serene experience wherever you may go. ( Not Completely Sound Insulation.)

  • ✔️[Soft & Comfortable & Secure Fit] : This earplugs made from non-toxic PU material, the light, dense, Soft, and tapered foam earplug ensures all-day comfort and protection in a wide range of working environments. 45s slow rebound, enough for you to set the earplugs, gently fill the ear canal, allowing them to seal gently and snugly without pressure.

  • ✔️[Hypoallergenic] : This ear plugs quality, non-toxic, Hypoallergic and Soft, Wearing for a long time, the ears will not cause pressure, pain, irritation or itching, While providing you with the required noise reduction effect, it also protects sensitive ears!

  • ✔️[Practical] : The package comes with 60 pairs ear plugs, with the reusable 2-3 times, and enough for your whole family to use. These foam earplugs can be used to replace the old one or use as a backup, can protect your hearing for a long time.

  • ✔️[Easy to Carry] : Each set of earplugs come with a compact keychain travel case, convenient carrying and saving at anywhere. Screwed sealing ensures hearing protection earplugs from moisture, dust and debris, keeps your earplugs hygienic

  • ✔️[Multiple Uses] : Recommended applications include studying, sleeping, shooting, flying, concerts, motorcycle,sports events, fireworks display, woodworking, vacuuming, mowing, drilling and all noisy environments.

  • Are you fed up with your snoring spouse, roommate, or dog?

    Are you struggle with insomnia for a long time?

    Are you crazy about being plagued by noisy neighbors, barking dogs, and crying children?

    Are you unable to concentrate on your studies due to the conversation?

    Are you Whether you live near noisy streets and construction sites?

    Are you intolerant of the noise of the plane taking off and landing?

    Are you...

    If your answer is “yes”, then you need our Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs to help you solve these troubles.

    Noise pollution affects both health and behavior, can damage physiological health, can cause hypertension, high-stress levels, tinnitus, hearing loss, sleep disturbances, and other harmful and disturbing effects.

    Silence is needed when focus or concentration, ultra soft foam earplugs reduce noise for both hearing protection and silence you need.

    Special feature:

    1: High-quality polyurethane foam, gentle on skin, no irritation.

    2: Tapered end, for added comfort, fits all different ear canals shapes and won’t fall out the ear.

    3: Highest 38dB SNR used from sleeping to loud noise.

    4: Convenient keychain travel can holds a pair of earplugs.

    5: Smooth exterior helps prevent dirt buildup .

    6:60 pairs ear plugs serve you for a longer period of time Ingredients, from Box Contains 120 earplugs.

    How to distinguish the quality of tinnitus relief ear plugs?

    1. Slow rebound effect: Observe the rebound speed of the foam earplugs,the longer the rebound time, the better the quality.

    2. Softness: Softness directly affects the comfort of wearing foam ear plugs.

    3. Surface texture: Some ear plugs for sleeping noise cancelling ​are sticky to the touch and stick to the skin of the ear canal when worn in the ear. Avoid buying them as much as possible.